It’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to express your hurt,
It’s okay to give those loud sobs,
But it’s NOT okay to hold on to your pains…

PAINS…, “You don’t know how I feel”
Yes, I do…
You have been so hurt, your eyes are always teary
You have been so hurt, You feel a huge stone in your chest,
There is always a constant lump in your throat..
You never thought, this person could hurt you,
You never knew humans could change and become the opposite of who you knew them to be..

But, really, it’s okay to cry,
And let go of your pain
Cry it out before God
And talk to Him for grace to move on
Cos, your disappointments can actually give birth to great things…
Cry it out and Forgive…

The betrayal might be a push towards great heights for you…Ride on the horse of the betrayal and be determined to get to your destination. it’s normal to be hurt, it’s okay to Cry, BUT It’s NOT okay NOT to Forgive…,because when you do not forgive, you stay in one spot…

Forgive and MOVE ON….Greater things are ahead

Gen 43-45 Can your hurt be as bad as the one Joseph must have felt…10 of his brothers hurt him badly and sold him off….Even though he felt the pain, he still had to forgive….You can also forgive…and Move on…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Inspired by The Greatest FORGIVER
FBK: Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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