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“I read through all the comments people dropped yesterday after reading a part of my story, and I thought to myself ” It is Easier said and advised than done”…

I wish all the spiritual folks who read my story knew what I was faced with, it was a situation of being caught between Pharaoh and the “red sea”…

I was in a marriage where circumstances beyond my control was the basis for the marriage. I married my husband at the age of 19 as a way out of poverty to take care of my Single Diabetic mother and my three younger sisters…So to be honest, I had never being in Love in my life till I met Larry, my keyboardist… Even God knew this was the first time I had ever felt the thing called ” LOVE”….Point of correction, it wasn’t lust, I felt LOVE…the love that tore at my heart….Love that made me happy but yet couldn’t be expressed. This made me lose weight. I tried to back off, look for another keyboardist


Unfortunately for me, Larry was the kind of man I wanted, He was spiritual( He was full of the Word of God,we prayed for hours together), He was musically inclined, He knew how to make me laugh till I had tears in my eyes, something my husband never achieved for years of being married. I faked my happiness, and the only thing that ever made me smile was my MUSIC…

And Larry was in my Music…

My in-laws did not make matters easy, as Daniel and I were not from the same tribe, my husband was Igbo, and the fact I was Yoruba was not acceptable…, I always felt misplaced, But Larry, my keyboardist was from my tribe, and this made us jell well..

Then, there is something I haven’t mentioned, My husband Daniel had been declared Medically infertile, he had what was called ” NO SPERM count”….but Larry, my keyboardist was so fertile he had 4 girls and 2 boys with his wife…

Now do you see why, I wept on nights when I wished I was married to Larry….

Before I go on in my tale, Was I wrong to have had this thoughts, and wish?….I need your sincere answers….

Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by the LIVING WORD..

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